Parasol base for medium-sized parasols


The design of the disc is suitable for both small and light and larger umbrellas.

There are two discs and three pole sleeves. The strong stainless steel disc, the thick-walled umbrella pole sleeves and the individually tested anchors also support umbrellas with a diameter of up to 4 m. Parasols with a diameter of more than 3 m should, however, only be used on well screwed wooden terraces.

Each parasol base by sonnenanker is supplied with inserts to securely fasten parasol poles that are up to 10 mm thinner than the pole sleeve. The parasol bases are delivered with a standard anchor for 23 – 27 mm thick boards. If your pole or board thickness deviates from this, please indicate this here ➜ in the last step of your order. You can peruse all information regarding suitable parasols and patio types here ➜.

Information about our shipping costs can be found here ➜.

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Included in delivery

  • Round stainless steel disc, brushed top, Ø 29 (V2A) or 44 cm (V4A).
  • Brushed stainless steel tube, inner Ø 42, 52 or 68 mm, wall thickness of 3 or 4 mm
  • Stainless steel anchor
  • Inserts
  • Thermoset ball handles Ø 40 mm (black) and 16 mm (red) with stainless steel screw



  • Stainless steel ball handles (extra charge)
  • Stainless steel especially corrosion-resistant (extra charge) (for high-saline sea air and chlorine-laden atmospheres)
  • Stainless steel ball or  t-handles especially corrosion-resistant (extra charge)
Suitable for

lightweight and middle-sized sun umbrellas up to Ø 4 m with umbrella poles from Ø 40 mm (15/8in) to Ø 60 mm


all stainless steel parts in A2 quality


29 cm x 20 – 30 cm (Ø x H)


4.1 – 5.3 kg with different pole sleeves


10 years on all parts


red dot design Award 2011, German Design Award 2013 Nominee, Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2013 in silver