What kind of deck should I have?

The products from sonnenanker are suitable for every kind of deck from wooden planks or other material, if the gaps between the planks are a minimum of 4 mm wide. The deck should be at least 2 m2 in size. Make sure that the deck boards are securely fastened to the substructure and that they are not decaying. There must be at least 2 cm of vertical space free beneath the boards. Standard substructures usually have a space of 4 cm under the boards, making for more than sufficient space.

Most of our products are not suitable for use with wood tiles that are only loosely connected or not connected at all.

Terraces where the heads of the screws can be seen from the top are the most resilient. The planks are held by screws in the substructure in their full strength.

Hardwood planks such as Bangkira, Cumaru, Ipé, teak or the like are especially suitable you need not worry abaout load; assuming you keep to the recommended size limits of Ø 4.0 m for centre pole parasols and Ø 3.5 m for contilever parasols. Local woods such as larch, Douglas fir, oak, and Thermo ash are almost equally resilient.

The method of attachment is more important than the material of the planks: often a hidden fastening system without visible screws is desired. Standard with this fastening system is composite material such as WPC. There are many different systems, but they have one thing in common: they do not provide the pull-out strength.

In our experience, even centre pole parasols up to Ø 2.5 m can be set up with our system on decks with hidden fastening systems. It is best to choose a parasol with an aluminum pole and our parasol base with cross base: this combination is elastic and does not pass on the full wind load to your deck.

But you can simply order your parasol base to try it out. Where better than your place, where it will be in the long run? If you do not like it, send it back to us. The purchase price and the return costs will be refunded without delay.

Since 2017 we offer a parasol base for special cases. This can be coupled to your deck with several anchors and allow you to set up heavy sunshades on well bolted decks or lighter sunshades on weaker decking boards.

How thick must my decking boards be?

Our standard parasol bases are delivered for 25 mm to 28 mm thick boards. The anchor can be manually adjusted by 5 mm, if the board thickness changes due to the weather.

If you have boards that are thicker or thinner than this, please inform us when ordering. Anchors for 20 mm to 50 mm thick planks are always in stock. They do not cost more than the standard anchor. Anchors for even thicker planks are possible. Contact us.

How wide must the gaps between decking boards be?

Our products with anchor need at least 4 mm wide gaps. Experts observe this minimum joint width when installing wooden decks. The gaps widen in the summer, when the planks dry and the wood contracts, usually over 6 mm.
If the gap width is less than 4 mm at individual points, simply place our products in adjacent gaps.
If the gaps of your wooden deck are predominantly wider than 15 mm, please indicate this when ordering. You will then receive an anchor with a wider base.
If you have special requirements, please contact us. Special designs are often possible within a few days.

What do I have to specify when ordering?

The shop describes exactly what the different parasol bases are for. You simply pick the one that best suits the size of your parasol and the diameter of its pole. Further information is usually not required.

The parasol bases and the bar table are delivered with a standard anchor for 25 – 28 mm thick boards. If your planks are thinner or thicker, please indicate this in the last step of your order in the field for comments.

The small pedestals and hammock stands can be placed on 20 – 40 mm thick boards without any adjustments.

Each parasol base is supplied with inserts to safely secure parasol poles that are thinner than the specified diameter of the umbrella pole sleeve. These inserts are enough for up to 10 mm thinner parasol poles. For smaller poles please indicate their diameter, you will receive additional inserts.

I am afraid it could damage my deck!

We have been testing our parasol bases since 2003, without ever having experienced damage to wooden decks – except for extreme tests. When used as intended, the forces they are exposed to are not strong enough to damage the wood or to loosen the deck screws.

The suppliers of systems for concealed fixing of decking boards rarely state how resilient their components are. In these cases we recommend installing only centre pole parasols and no cantilever parasols with our parasol base. In addition, the lightest possible sunshade should be chosen.

In fact, our parasol bases prevent damage to your wooden deck; unlike many iron and plastic models, they neither leave an imprint in nor discolour your wood.

When using the parasol base with disc base to support a cantilever parasol, we recommend you put the included silicon mat under the disc. It will stop the edge of the disc from pressing into the wood.

What sunshades are suitable?

Parasol bases from sonnenanker are suitable for all sun umbrellas with centre poles and a diameter of up to 4 m and for offset and cantilever parasols up to 3 m diameter.

Parasols of these sizes can be mounted on well-constructed wood patios without any qualms.

Our parasol bases can support larger parasols, your patio however, may not be able to hold up to the strain. That is why we recommend that you carefully check to ensure your patio is large enough and that the boards are sufficiently fastened, hard enough and in good enough condition to safely support larger umbrellas. Please note that large parasols are like sails when they are opened.

Parasol poles can have a diameter up to 68 mm.

To determine the diameter of your parasol pole, wrap a piece of paper around it: for a pole sleeve Ø 42 mm, it should not measure more than 13 cm; for a pole sleeve Ø 52 mm, it should not measure more than 16.5 cm; for a pole sleeve Ø 68 mm, it should not measure more than 21.5 cm.

Every parasol base from sonnenanker comes with extra pieces to help you fasten your parasol pole in the sleeve. If your parasol pole diameter is more than 10 mm smaller than the sleeve you wish to order, please tell us the dimensions of your pole when you place your order so we can send you the extra pieces necessary.

What must I pay special attention to if I have a cantilever parasol?

Cantilever or offset parasols put a great deal more strain on the parasol base than parsols with central poles do. This is especially true in windy conditions and is why conventional cantilever parasol bases are so gigantic.

If you have an cantilever parasol, we recommend using only the our base model with a disc base and silicon matt. This parasol base comes with a special anchor and a special spanner that allow you to link it safely and easily to your decking boards. You can release the link whenever you wish. The silicon mat stops the edge of the parasol base from cutting into the wood decking.

How stable is the parasol base from sonnenanker?

Parasol bases from sonnenanker interlinks with your wooden decking, thus improving its stability. The anchor that is used has been stress tested under a pulling force of 500 kg (5 kN). In theory it can withstand strains of more than twice that.

The parasol is subject to such forces only in storm conditions. Under normal circumstances the parasol is much more likely to be destroyed than our parasol base is to loosen. However, we go along with the sunshade manufacturers’ recommendation of closing the parasol when large branches begin swaying (Force 5 winds).

Our parasol base with a cross base has been designed with a pedestal that is so elastic it can take heavy forces without damaging the wooden deck boards. Equipped with a parasol with a diameter of up to 2.5 m, whose aluminum mast also gives way, it has been shown to withstand stronger gusts.

When is it necessary to purchase the especially corrosion-resistant parasol base?

All components of our parasol bases are made of stainless steel in V2A quality (1.4301, AISI 304). This material  is by far the most commonly used stainless steel. It does not rust under normal conditions because its special composition creates an invisible passive layer.

However, poor care and aggressive environmental influences – like the chlorine-laden atmosphere around swimming pools and the high-saline content of seaside air – can affect this passive layer to such a degree that a more corrosion-resistant alloy is needed. This is why we also offer most of our models in stainless steel in V4A quality (1.4404, AISI 316L or equivalent).

What should I pay attention to with the hammock stands?

The hammock stands can be used along or across your boards. To use the standard hammock stands the boards may be 20 mm to 40 mm thick.

Above all, the hammock stand places a load on the screw connection of your boards. Therefore boards, which are screwed from above are particularly suitable. Concealed mountings – if you cannot detect screws – have very different holding forces. In this case, you probably need to reinforce the fixing of your planks with the four screws provided.

Both hammock stands have the same load capacity. The one with the smaller foot (Ø 15 cm) is based on only one board. This can bend with a higher load. Therefore this version should only be loaded up to 100 kg. The hammock stand with the larger foot (Ø 29 cm) is also heavier. It retains its alignment more easily and is therefore better suited for children.

How do I store my parasol base by sonnenanker?

Our parasol bases are weather-resistant and can be kept outdoors all year round. However, if you do wish to pack it away, the attractive and stable cardboard packaging we deliver it in is ideal.

Before packing the parasol base away, please clean it as described in the care instructions included in delivery. This will keep it looking as attractive as ever for a very long time.

Can I replace components?

You can easily disassemble the parasol base from sonnenanker without any tools and replace the components. (Here are the instructions.) This allows you to adjust your parasol base exactly on your wooden deck, at any time.

If you get a new wooden deck with thicker or thinner boards, you can simply send us your anchor in a letter. You will then receive a matching new anchor.

If you replace your center pole parasol with a cantilever parasol, you can order the silicone mat and the special spanner later. The anchor will be exchanged for a special anchor.

You do not have to buy a completely new parasol base for new parasols with thicker parasol poles. We will exchange your smaller parasol pole sleeve for a larger one. We will only charge you the difference and a small refurbishment fee.

We are also happy to help you to find solutions for special requirements. Let us advise you.

Are alternative types of mounts available?

Thanks to the Lawn Spike, you can use the parasol base from sonnenanker on the lawn. Please use only center pole parasols up to Ø 3 m with the lawn spike and no cantilever parasols.

Upon request, we will deliver a special ground socket that requires only a 10 mm drill hole to be anchored. With the ground socket, you can use the parasol bases on other surfaces.

 We will gladly advise you about other possibilities!

What kind of a guarantee do I get?

We give you a ten-year guarantee on all parts of the products from sonnenanker. With this, we ensure replacement of parts should they cease to function as intended. The guarantee does not cover visual blemishes, as these are heavily dependent on how the product is treated.

Is the invention patented?

Parasol bases from sonnenanker are protected by a utility model and a European design patent, the hammock stands are  protected by a utility model.

Where can I purchase the parasol base and other products from sonnenanker?

You can order products from sonnenanker exclusively and risk-free on this site!

You can order our products to test them for two weeks. If you do not like them, send back to us. The purchase price and the return costs will be refunded immidiately.