Parasol base for lightweight parasols

Playfully easy

The cross design is perfect for moving your umbrella effortlessly whereever you need shade. If you combine this base with a lightweight parasol you do not even have to close the umbrella. Thanks to the shape you can assemble this parasol base very easily because of the practical levers. In addition, the wood dries quickly.

We also recommend it for wooden decks whose load-bearing capacity is unknown. The crossfoot is elastic and does not pass on all the wind load to your deck. For example a parasol with an aluminum pole behaves similarly and supports it.

Our products are made to last for decades. The design is therefore as simple as possible. All metal parts are made of stainless steel. We give a ten-year warranty.

Pole sleeve Ø 42 mm | Weight 2.2 kg | Dimensions L 38 x W 38 cm x H 20.5 cm