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Parasol base for special cases

Hard to believe

This parasol base has four anchors, not just one like the others. It is especially for special cases.

You can use it to set up extra-heavy sunshades on well screwed decking or use medium-sized parasols on boards with a weak attachment. For this purpose the parasol base is connected to the planks not only at one point, but at several points. The load is hereby distributed to several decking boards and thus to several screw connections. You can find out here about the load-bearing capacity of wooden decks .

In addition you can choose a larger disc with which you distribute the load onto four instead of three planks.

Another special feature is that this base can be customized. Some cantilever parasols in particular have base plates for screwing. You tell us the manufacturer and the model and we will send you a disc with studs that will fit exactly to your parasol.

Our products are made to last for decades. The design is therefore as simple as possible. All metal parts are made of stainless steel. We give a ten-year warranty.

Pole sleeve Ø 52 / 68 mm | Weight 5,0 / 6,0 | 8.0 / 9.0 kg | Dimensions Ø 29 / 44 cm, H 22 / 24 cm