Lawn Spike


The lawn spike makes you independent of your patio. So you can also move to the lawn with the parasol stand. If you leave the lawn spike in one place for a long time, the impact head can be screwed on for protection.

If you have soil that is relatively soft or cannot gauge how solid your soil is, it is best to order an extra 25cm extension segment to augment the 50cm of segment provided in a standard delivery.

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Included in delivery

• corrugated tip, Ø 20 mm, 25 cm long

• extension segment, smooth surface, Ø 20 mm, 25 cm long

• head, Ø 45 mm

• eyebolt as pull-out aid

• all parts are made of solid turned stainless steel.

• printout of instructions



Suitable for

using Anchor Base on non-fastened, low density ground surfaces


all stainless steel parts in A2-quality


L 50/75/100 cm


1.5 kg, extension 0.6 kg


10 years on all parts