Filigree growth

The tables seem weightless not least because of the only 6 mm thin table top. They invite you to spontaneously take them wherever you need them. Good thing they do not weigh much.

And good that they can do without an anchor. So you can put them on all floors and take them into the house just like that.

The high table has quickly become popular as a standing aid that you can lean on and stand around sociably. The center pole is also available in teak wood. This can stay out permanently. The same goes for the low end table.

You can choose between a small, a medium and a large table top. The material used for the table tops is Trespa®, a mixture of wood and synthetic resin. Trespa® also produces weather-resistant panels for facades; at the same time it is so pollution-free that it is approved for direct contact with food.

Our products are made to last for decades. The design is therefore as simple as possible. All metal parts are made of stainless steel. We give a ten-year warranty.

Table top Ø 35 – 50 cm | Weight 3.5 – 7.2 kg | Dimension Ø disc 29 cm, H 60/106 cm